Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

God's Grace, Marriage, and Transgenderism

July 05, 2023 Brady Season 2 Episode 24
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
God's Grace, Marriage, and Transgenderism
Show Notes

In this episode, we explore an amazing story of patience, forgiveness, and speaking truth with love. Rachel shares her experience of holding onto her faith and hope, even when faced with doubts and theological confusion. She shares how her hope in Christ helped ultimately reconcile her relationship with her husband even in the midst of an intense trial. Discover how their journey of reconciliation and rebuilding trust in their marriage led them to find simplicity and clarity in their faith in Jesus.


[00:00:52] Brent's Transition Journey Brent shares his journey of realizing he is transgender, leaving his pastoral ministry, and pursuing a transition.

[00:02:34] Rachel's Perspective Rachel shares her side of the story, discussing her initial reactions, doubts, and the challenges she faced as Brent's wife.

[00:07:48] Living Separately Rachel talks about the period when Brent moved to Rochester and they lived separately, with Rachel hoping it was just a phase.

[00:11:39] Discovering Brent's Transition Brent's wife learns about his transition and struggles to understand and accept it.

[00:13:49] Telling the Kids Brent and his wife discuss when and how they told their young children about his transition.

[00:14:10] Living Apart Brent and his wife discuss their decision to live separately and the challenges they faced in their relationship.

[00:22:16] Brent's hospital visit and the lingering feelings of care and honor.

[00:23:29] Brent's torn feelings and desire for both separation and connection with Rachel.

[00:27:28] Brent's vision of God putting him back together and becoming a new creation.

[00:33:13] Struggling with God's plan and sin nature in marriage

Brent discusses his internal struggle with following God's plan for his life and his sin nature's resistance to it, specifically in the context of his marriage.

[00:34:34] Brent's surrender to God and trust in His plan

Brent reaches a point of surrender and trust in God, asking Him to take care of his spouse and not let him find someone else.

[00:36:27] Brent's return to Jesus and the impact on his marriage

Brent experiences a spiritual encounter with Jesus and decides to return to Him, leading to a positive change in his demeanor and a hopeful reunion with his wife and family.

[00:45:29] The simplicity of finding God's love and a relationship with Jesus after a vision.

[00:46:13] Transitioning from being transgender to becoming a Christian and bringing others to Christ.

[00:52:56] The restoration of faith, marriage, and the ability to have children through God's grace.

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