Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

Same-Sex Attraction & Contentment In Christ

July 19, 2023 Brady Season 2 Episode 26
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
Same-Sex Attraction & Contentment In Christ
Show Notes

In this episode of Calibrate Conversations, Brady Cone and Logan have a conversation about Logan's personal journey with sexuality and faith. Logan shares his struggles with same-sex attraction and his experience seeking guidance from a youth pastor. They discuss Logan's upbringing, his internal conflict, and his search for answers. Logan reflects on finding contentment in his relationship with Christ and the challenges of discussing his struggles with his parents. They also discuss societal stereotypes of masculinity and the need for a biblical understanding of gender. They emphasize the importance of seeing individuals as multifaceted and not defining them solely by their sexual orientation. The episode concludes with a call to calibrate sexuality to God's standard while showing love and compassion to others.


Growing up in a masculine environment [00:01:10] Logan discusses his upbringing in a hyper-masculine household and the challenges of expressing femininity.

Discovering same-sex attraction [00:02:24] Logan shares his experience of realizing his same-sex attraction and the fear and confusion it brought.

Seeking guidance from a youth pastor [00:06:07] Logan recounts his emotional meeting with a new youth pastor, where he finally opens up about his struggles and seeks guidance.

The struggle to find answers [00:10:37] Logan discusses his discontent with the answers he found regarding his same-sex attraction and his search for clarity.

The message of contentment [00:12:45] Logan shares his experience at a church service where the message emphasized the importance of being content in one's relationship with God.

The tension of anticipation and contentment [00:16:11] Brady and Logan discuss the tension between seeking understanding and being content with the process of sanctification in one's journey with faith and sexuality.

The struggle of admitting same-sex attraction [00:21:04] Logan discusses the difficulty of admitting his same-sex attraction and the fear of disappointing his parents.

Different standards for sin [00:24:18] Logan talks about the double standards in the church when it comes to dealing with different sins, specifically comparing his own same-sex attraction to someone else's fornication.

Finding healing through connection with heterosexual men [00:28:23] Brady shares his experience of finding healing through connection with heterosexual men who treated him as one of the guys, regardless of his same-sex attraction.

Topic 1: Accepting oneself and masculinity [00:30:43] Discussion on coming to peace with one's masculinity and accepting oneself for who they are, including the value of sensitivity and artistic qualities in men.

Topic 2: Stereotypes and assumptions [00:32:33] Challenging stereotypes and assumptions about same-sex attraction, discussing how outward mannerisms do not determine someone's struggle and the importance of not making assumptions.

Topic 3: Redefining masculinity [00:35:18] Exploring the concept of faux masculinity and the need for a more accurate, biblical understanding of masculinity that celebrates sensitive and talented qualities in men.

The importance of seeing beyond sexuality [00:41:25] Discussion on not defining people solely by their sexuality and the need to share hope and gospel with them.

Jesus' focus on deeper meaning [00:42:22] Exploration of the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman, highlighting the importance of looking beyond surface-level issues.

Appreciation for Logan's story and future journey [00:44:17] Compliments and encouragement for Logan's story, with anticipation for future growth and the possibility of future appearances on the podcast.

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