Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

Real VS Fake Masculinity w/ John Vandervelde

September 06, 2023 Brady Season 2 Episode 31
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
Real VS Fake Masculinity w/ John Vandervelde
Show Notes

I remember a time when my faith was clouded by skepticism, which is why I'm thrilled to have John Vandervelde, the Campus Director of Ratio Christi at Colorado Mesa University, join us for an intriguing discussion about his journey from skepticism to deep faith. John opened his heart to Jesus, a transformation made possible by the marriage of logical facts and a personal encounter with God through music.

In a surprising twist, John made a career shift from mechanical engineering to professional ballet dancing. We take a deep look into this unique journey, from the reactions he received from his colleagues and his church community, to how dance became the conduit for revealing his artistic talents. Drawing from Psalm 139, John shares insight into how his dance journey was a process of self-discovery and understanding God's plan for his life.

Our conversation transitions to the societal and church views on masculinity, challenging the set stereotypes often portrayed by the church and touching on the concept of faux masculinity. We explore how biblical masculinity should be applicable universally, regardless of culture, and how the church can be more inclusive by breaking away from a narrow definition of what it means to be a man. Finally, we reflect on the pivotal role of the Bible in shaping our understanding of masculinity, gender, and identity. You definitely won't want to miss out on this episode!


(0:00:17) - Embracing Biblical Masculinity and Career Transitions
(0:14:26) - From Engineer to Dancer
(0:19:36) - Masculinity in Society and the Church
(0:29:42) - Gender Roles and Stereotypes
(0:44:06) - The Bible in Our Lives

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