Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

Masturbation: A Christian Perspective

September 20, 2023 Brady Season 2 Episode 33
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
Masturbation: A Christian Perspective
Show Notes

In this candid discussion, Brady sheds light on the challenging subject of masturbation within the Christian community, a topic often met with shame, guilt, and silence. Listen in as he navigates through the complexities of this subject, discussing how societal norms and the absence of clear biblical guidance contribute to the controversy. Brady also examines the emotional toll that secret-keeping and guilt surrounding this topic can have on individuals.

Further into our discussion, Brady takes a closer look at how the habit of masturbation, especially when it becomes addictive, can impact relationships. He unpacks how it can affect the dynamic between spouses and emphasize the importance of healthy sexuality, where we are not controlled by our urges, but instead are pursuing our spouse and directing our sexual energy towards them. This is a difficult, yet necessary conversation, so join us as we confront it with grace, humility, and openness.


(0:00:16) - Exploring Masturbation in the Christian Community
Christians discuss the controversial topic of masturbation, its implications, and the Bible's lack of direct address.

(0:16:32) - The Impact of Masturbation on Relationships
Masturbation can become addictive; endorphins released, but prioritize spouse, use to build intimacy, not control.

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