Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

3 Powerful Ways To Overcome Sexual Addiction

September 27, 2023 Brady Cone Season 2 Episode 34
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
3 Powerful Ways To Overcome Sexual Addiction
Show Notes

Join us for an enlightening discussion on overcoming sexual addiction and understanding true intimacy. This episode takes you through three key steps towards breaking free from sexual addiction, exploring the significance of true intimacy, and how it's more than just sex. Listen in as we shed light on the relational attachment model that lays the foundation for a healthy desire for intimacy. We emphasize the need to cut ties with old habits and patterns that hinder our progress towards genuine intimacy as God intends. You'll hear an inspiring story of a person who successfully transitioned from a life of addiction to a committed relationship.

We then navigate the complex terrain of building healthy intimacy across all relationships, with a spotlight on our relationship with God. Our modern culture often skews our perception of sex, and similarly our relationship with God. We shed light on the necessity to cultivate a deeper relationship with God, which involves surrendering, knowing Him better, and trusting Him. We discuss the importance of sharing your struggles as a pathway to freedom and how sexual struggles often reveal deeper issues. Finally, we explore how discipleship is more than just an end result, but a process of growth and learning. We conclude by understanding how to pray and recognize any wrongful desires for intimacy.


(0:00:17) - Steps to Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Finding freedom from sexual addiction and building healthy intimacy through relational attachment and severing ties to previous habits.

(0:08:21) - Healthy Intimacy and Freedom From Addiction

Building healthy intimacy with God, discussing cultural sex distortions, surrendering, trusting, and sharing struggles for freedom.

(0:18:20) - Understanding Intimacy and Seeking Support

We pray, recognize wrong desires, rely on God's boundaries, and discuss true intimacy.

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