Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

Untangling The Lies Culture Tells Men

October 04, 2023 Brady Cone Season 2 Episode 35
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
Untangling The Lies Culture Tells Men
Show Notes

This week, Brady is joined by host of Real Men Talk Podcast, Anthony Curnutt, to talk about the lies men are told and what true biblical masculinity looks like.

Anthony and Brady delve deeply into the transformative power of surrendering to God and the significance of apologizing for wrong-doing. They underscore the importance of treating our loved ones with respect and love, and the profound influence our actions can have on our children's future relationships. Anthony further elaborates on the essentiality of emotional leadership in fatherhood, underscoring the role of understanding our emotions in shaping our beliefs. 

Anthony and Brady navigate through the complexities of creating a safe space for men to express their vulnerabilities and the importance of supporting each other in our struggles. They also touch on the need for modeling forgiveness and repentance in our relationships, and the realization that our identity lies firmly in Jesus Christ, not in our own strength. In the challenging journey through life, the pair discuss how it still remains a choice to follow God and how our challenging circumstances can reveal the true nature of our hearts. Join us for this enlightening discussion; it's a conversation you won't want to miss.


(0:00:09) - Understanding Biblical Sexuality and Masculinity
(0:09:08) - Issues With Masculinity and Sexuality
(0:20:48) - Transformation and Leadership in Masculinity
(0:25:39) - Importance of Emotional Leadership in Fatherhood
(0:37:38) - Role of Christian Men in Society
(0:41:23) - Creating a Safe and Vulnerable Community
(0:49:07) - Identity in Jesus

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