Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

4 Views On Sexuality: Side A, Side B, Side X, Side Y

November 29, 2023 Brady Cone Season 2 Episode 42
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
4 Views On Sexuality: Side A, Side B, Side X, Side Y
Show Notes

Prepare for an enlightening discussion as we unpack the various theological perspectives within Christian circles that address sexuality. We explore the nuanced viewpoints labeled as Side A, Side B, Side Y, and Side X. Our dialogue provides insight into the affirming stance of Side A churches, celibate gay identity embraced by Side B, and the controversial views of x-gay and side-y approach. Our end goal? To equip you with a broader understanding of these divergent perspectives in the context of Christianity.

Our conversation takes a twist as we inspect the complexities of 'x-gay' and 'side-x' labels, recounting firsthand experiences with these terms and their transformation over time. We shed light on the potential pitfalls of certain theological and therapeutic approaches within the x-gay movement, while acknowledging the positive impact made by organizations like Exodus International. The focus then progresses towards 'side-y', an emerging approach that underscores sanctification in overcoming same-sex attractions.

The final part of our discussion grapples with the contentious belief of side y, which disowns the idea of a gay identity, endorsing instead, sanctification and transformation through God. We highlight the debates surrounding this conviction, and the stand of prominent figures like Rosario Butterfield against the acceptance of homosexuality. We further discuss the challenges faced within Christian ministry, particularly within the organization of Cru, and underscore the need for a balanced approach that blends empathy with guiding individuals towards sanctification. So, buckle up as we venture into this journey of understanding, navigating, and responding to these issues from a Christian perspective.

(0:00:16) - Theological Frameworks of Sexuality
(0:18:30) - X-Gay and Side Y Movements Analysis
(0:24:57) - LGBTQ+ Christianity and Controversial Side B
(0:44:37) - Challenges and Concerns in Christian Ministry

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