Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone

God Can Redeem & Restore Marriages: Adam & Lauren's Story

February 07, 2024 Brady Cone Season 3 Episode 4
Calibrate Conversations w/ Brady Cone
God Can Redeem & Restore Marriages: Adam & Lauren's Story
Show Notes

Join us on a profound journey with Adam and Lauren Jones as they open up about the intricacies of their marriage, the challenges of aligning sexuality with faith, and the redemptive power of grace in their lives. Listen in as they recount their contrasting upbringings and the transformation that occurred when their lives converged, weaving a narrative of hope and the undeniable strength found in personal faith and a supportive spiritual community. From the dynamics of their home in Spearfish, South Dakota, to the heartening process of raising both biological and foster children, their story is a testament to the impact of divine love in overcoming life's hurdles and reshaping relationships.

Adam and Lauren detail their personal battles, from confronting the aftermath of an affair to the daunting task of rebuilding trust in their relationship. They share insights on the role of biblical counseling, the significance of individual spiritual health, and the metaphorical journey towards vertical alignment with God. Through the darkest moments of contemplating loneliness and depression, to the resurgence of hope and restoration, their stories illuminate the power of love, commitment, and divine intervention. This episode offers an uplifting message for anyone facing the complexities of personal struggle within relationships, emphasizing the potential for grace-filled reconciliation and the enduring hope for a future built on truth and restoration.

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(00:00) Sexuality and Marriage
(10:02) Navigating Relationships, Marriage, and Faith
(16:29) A Journey of Redemption and Transformation
(26:36) Struggles With Infidelity and Trust
(33:25) Challenges of Marital Infidelity and Self-Reflection
(39:41) Navigating Through Counseling and Healing
(44:59) Solo Life
(49:41) Struggles, Grace, and Redemption
(58:42) Struggling With Repentance and Deception
(01:02:12) The Journey to Vertical Alignment
(01:12:26) Restoring Trust and Reconciliation in Marriage
(01:24:49) Navigating Truth and Love in Relationships
(01:28:07) Hope and Restoration in Relationships

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